RF Power Amplifiers

GaN-based and GaAs-based RF Amplifier modules with output power exceeding 4 kW. Designed for excellent linearity at high output power, good heat dissipation and high reliability at elevated temperatures.

Capabilities | Competencies

Magnetron is offering the industry’s most compelling portfolio of easy to use, 50-ohm-matched RF Amplifiers to enable fastest time to integrate and targeting specific frequency bands up to K band at different power levels.

  • All-Solid-State Design

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Up to 4 kilo Watt RF Output Power

  • Optional Integrated RF Switch

  • Unconditionally Stable Operation

  • High Reliability and Ruggedness


LNA modules that provide industry-leading ultra low noise performance.

Cost effective RF Power Amplifiers.

Broadband RF Power Amplifiers that could work in outdoor envoirements.

Designed to work 7/24 without compromising the quality of the signal.


Military Radar
Communication Systems