Sensors to understand and measure climate and weather.

Capabilities | Competencies

Magnetron designes and manufactures various types of sensors for civilian and military applications.

  • Compatible with WMO Measurement Standarts

  • "Ready to Measure" - 100 % Factory-Set Calibrated Sensors

  • Excellent Temperature and Humidty Accuracy

  • Fully Waterproof for Harsh Environments

  • Long-term Measurement Stability


Designed for reliable measurement of the atmospheric profile of pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction from the ground to a height of 40 km.

Intelligent and sturdy device used for ballistic correction measures by Ballistic Fire Control Systems.

High-performance positioning module with compass and barometric altimeter for Drones and UAVs.

Module that reaches “cm” level accuracy in less than 1 minute by automatically acessing NTRIP correction values over GSM network.


Weather Forecasting
Ballistic Meteorology